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CME on Recent advances in Pulmonary Function Test in Post-Era

The CME program on recent advances in pulmonary function tests was organised by the Department of Physiology under Guidance of Dr. Janardan Bhatt (Head of Department) at ACMR Kalol Gandhinagar on 30/04/2024 from 9-00 AM onwards as a part of the state conference of APPI Gujarat chapter.

About 100 doctors/ faculties from local, state and national levels participated in the scientific event and presented their lectures papers and posters.

The theme of the Medical Conference was on Recent Advances in Pulmonary Function Tests The program began Introduction to Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) and physiological basis and with an overview of PFTs, emphasizing their importance in diagnosing and monitoring respiratory conditions. Non-invasive Testing Methods – Discussions focus on non-invasive PFTs, such as spirometry, to assess lung function without invasive procedures.

Issue opened the Novel covid 19 has drawn significant attention of medical and technologists to the importance of pulmonary physiology, medicine and lung transplant and the role of PFT in this context. Presentations highlighted the physiology and conduct of PFTs, and their role in evaluating the respiratory system pre-peri and postoperatively. Experts offer a stepwise approach to the use of PFT, aiding primary care physicians in diagnosis and management using telemedicine AND AI. Recommendations are also made for standardized reporting formats, facilitating consistent interpretation of spirometry, lung volumes, and diffusing capacity.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications – Detailed descriptions of various PFTs and their diagnostic and therapeutic implications are provided to enhance clinical practice. The medical conference on pulmonary function testing highlighted key advancements and methodologies in assessing respiratory function non-invasively.

Various other methods of assessment of pulmonary function were also discussed both computerised and analogue one. The conference emphasized the importance of recording medication types and dosages and their implications. Clinical Applications: Presentations showcased how pulmonary function tests aid in disease management, therapy evaluation, and monitoring disease progression. The experts highlighted the role of the non-invasive PFT in the management of patients on Artificial ventilation, ECMO and lung transplant patients. The function ended with hands-on training in computerised PFT.